Cheap, comfortable, durable – and very cool sound.

With the headphones of the Chinese company KZ, I met almost two years ago, trying a couple of two-door models ZS N and ZS1 .

The first went to the shelf – they sounded great, but the huge amplifier on the wire was beyond understanding and convenience. But the latter served faithfully for a little over a year, being the best budget choice of the basshead: with a dark, bold sound .

They were replaced by updated models ZS3 with 1 dynamic driver and ZST with 1 reinforcing and 1 dynamic driver. It is not difficult to guess that it was the KZ ZST that was entrenched as the main portable acoustics. Why? If very short, the Xiaomi Hybrid is worse and more expensive.


Style and quality – unexpected qualities

KZ engineers have always tried to create a stylish enough product. Often worsening the sound of headphones. But in the case of the ZST (as, indeed, the ZS1 or ZS3) ergonomics went leg in step with the sound.
KZ ZST are available in two models – multi – colored and black . ZS3 are available in a single black color, but are more convenient due to special grooves under the fingers.
It does not break, it is easily unraveled and does not cause any inconvenience. Connection to the headphones is symmetrical, the connector is made of quality rubberized plastic.

Features as a headphone

On the right side of the wire is a remote with a microphone and a single button that works with smartphones on Android (for iPhone requires an adapter):

  • 1 press – start / pause,
  • 2 presses – next track,
  • 3 presses – previous track,
  • long press – take a call or hang up.

Convenient, but not all
The headphones reviews of are best, and will not suit the girls. Children – especially, just do not fit in the ear. They are designed for a large auricle.

Who can put them on will not regret it!

Usual vacuum headphones are held only at the expense of ambyushura. KZ ZS3 and ZST lie in the ear with the whole body, and are held as good sports “ears” with special holders.

If the landing is not sufficiently dense (and it is assumed that the ambuschura enters the ear canal deeply), you can use the soft earhooks from the kit. With their application, they do not exactly fly out.
The sound of KZ headphones strongly depends on the quality of the landing. With unsuccessful selection of liners-ambushur and a loose landing, low frequencies are inexpressive, the upper part of the spectrum prevails.

But after the headphones were able to land deep, tight – the sound becomes very good. Not the best in the budget segment – simply because the sound is subjective. But it’s very good, and every model has its own way.

To each – your sound

The younger model KZ ZS3 is designed for stylish bassheads. Low frequencies in them are expressive, deep, bright.

The average bass sounds sonorous, precise and pleasant – especially noticeable in metal, various punk rock substrates and funk.

The middle range (guitars, vocals) is legible and sounds as loud as basses. High frequencies are not overwhelmed, but go to the background, only complementing the low and medium.

If necessary, you can work with the equalizer, but the situation does not change in principle – it’s headphones for bassheads and dense, “fatty” music.
The older KZ ZST sound quite different. High frequencies in them are incredibly many – the availability of the reinforcing driver affects. He does not whistle, sibilants and an unpleasant metallic echo is missing.

The middle sounds a little worse, and due to the transparency of the high is as legible as possible. Tools and voice are effectively bred on the stage, without turning into a mess.
Low frequencies with the standard settings of the equalizer is practically nonexistent, they are replaced by a sonorous middle bass. Wrong setting is the main defect of the manufacturer.

After a long game with the equalizer ZST copes with very rich bass compositions. The sound becomes clean, balanced, with the effect of presence. And, unlike Xiaomi Hybrid – without frequency pits.