Luckily, are giving small steps in the right direction to help people who do not have it so clear, so think carefully before making the decision.

Catalonia has set the tone with the reform of the Catalan law of protection of animals. One of the provisions of this reform tells us: “display of the windows of the shops selling pet, will be considered as violation very serious punishable with fines of up to 20,000 euros”.

This reform will affect many shops selling “pets”, and although pulling stones at my roof as a professional in the sector because the sale of puppies is reduced, I think it is a successful measure. On the one hand, to avoid that the people that they have no intention of acquiring a doggydanstheonlinedogtrainerreviews, but seen in the showcase and are seduced by its charms of puppy (as if they were a pair of shoes on offer) to acquire it. On the other hand, should be reduced to the minimum, the time a puppy living (or rather just manages to survive) in a showcase or exhibitor, because (even though they are conditioned to do so) is not the best place which to pass the stage of socialization. These dogs can develop behavior problems in adulthood.

Another provision of the law should make us reflect: “Law also prohibited the slaughter of animals in municipal reception centres”. In this way, should be giving priority to measures to reduce the number of drop-outs instead of sacrificing all the dogs who come to their facilities and are not adopted quickly.

I have long been collaborating with hostels, advising guides who have a problem of behavior with your dog, to help them as much as possible and avoid to leave it. This advice will also be focused on those who adopt a dog and need a period of adjustment to his new home, facilitating their integration. Unfortunately, my experience tells me that the majority of dogs occupying the hostels are mestizos. Their owners have had no qualms about raising a litter, without thinking of the consequences. A stranger who looks like, still have litters without control, both physical (and females become pregnant without prevent the owners) and administrative (without insert the microchip consequently leaving out all law). Although to a lesser extent, with the dogs you can pass the same. Many guides think “I’m going to have a litter with my dog because it makes me happy to have a puppy his”, have we considered what to do with the other 10 puppies if it’s a large litter? How is that reach whole litters reception centres it possible?

While we must support adoptions, these do not serve for nothing if reception centres fill up as soon as they become empty. We must solve the root problem, acting on the causes. First, controlling the litters that are not supervised by specialized breeders and veterinarians (them Yes should be responsible for having litters in top physical and mental condition and know what to do with the Cubs in times of retail). But there are other measures of disclosure that will help us to raise awareness, we need to educate the owners, starting with professionals: veterinarians, breeders, trainers must banish topics as “females need to have a litter to settle” or “for a dog matures, needs to have a sexual experience”.

And most importantly, I would like to think that dogs are no longer “pets” to become genuine partners who not only need to feed, mod organizer fallout 4 but also educate them to live with us in harmony. In my opinion, the term “pet” should not be used to define our four-legged companions, I think our dogs are much more than a pet and they deserve the language to protect them as we do.

If it does not act soon, when this law extends to other communities we will have even more saturated doggydanstheonlinedogtrainerreviews reception centres and don’t know what to do with all those who have no home. The laws are still evolving. Move forward at the same pace our conscience to take them and respect them?