Things to Look for When Analysing the Safety of an Online Casino

Like many other activities, a lot of casino gaming action has moved online. The ability to play from any location and across a range of devices, plus the reduced cost and increased privacy, has seen online casinos overtake land-based houses both in the number of players and revenue generation.

That said, the online sphere has also brought with it a fair share of unscrupulous dealers. Online safety does not just end at getting your money each time you win. It also includes having whatever information you provide kept safe, so it does not land in the wrong hands. Thus, a gambler needs to consider a few things when picking a secure online casino to play in.

End to End Encryption

Information and communication shared with an online casino should be impossible to track during transmission. This is done through encryption. Sites that assure encryption have a padlock icon on the address bar, and a ‘s’ in the ‘http’ address.


No one knows it more than he who feels it. Hearing the experiences of people who have played in an online casino will give you a true feel of what it is like. Reviewers take time to test various aspects of many casinos and come up with conclusions. That said, always be wary of paid reviews that seek to portray a house in a biased light.

Payment Methods

Most reputable online money transfer services look to disassociate themselves with fraudulent operators. If a site works with services such as PayPal and Visa, then it is probably legitimate.


There are known regulators that seek to maintain a proper business practice in gambling. Macau, Malta, and the UK are big names in this sphere. Sites that work with such jurisdictions almost always assure you of safety. They should clearly state the licensing jurisdiction and licence number on their front page.


Sites that have been in the market for a long time have probably held up a proper practice; hence they are generally safe.