Current and Emerging Trends in Online Casino Gaming

It is now widely accepted that online casinos have hived off a massive chunk of land-based casino clientele and created a huge following of new players. Even then, the gaming model needs to keep evolving to stay in line with technological developments.

Recent Trends in Online Casinos

Mobile Casino

In the just-ended decade, moving to mobile was the largest stride made by online casinos. In a bid to reach even more people and allow them to play wherever and whenever they wished, online casinos had to leverage on the most used internet access device; the mobile phone.

This adaptation involved a massive adjustment of websites to operate efficiently on mobile devices. They had to have lighter pages to load faster and simpler designs to avoid cluttering. It was a successful phase that also involved the creation of downloadable apps by most casinos.

Live Casino

The excitement of online gaming would have lasted only so long, given it took away the feeling of being in a real casino. As the years approached 2020, live online dealership became a thing. It is the transitional trend that is linking the past and new decade. It requires a live stream to transmit. It has not yet reached it’s optimum, however. Casinos are working to improve the quality of streams and reduce the data required to use them.

Virtual Reality

There is no time to rest. As technology advances, players want to move from simply having a video stream to getting a 3D experience. Online casinos are continuously working to make this a reality through the use of VR. This will be the main trend of the early 2020s.


Blockchain technology experienced a big boom in the 2010s and will be breaking into the mainstream in the 2020s. As a currency with no borders, cryptocurrencies will improve privacy and also make transactions easier and cheaper. For these reasons, online casinos are embracing them as payment methods.