The Most Popular Games on Online Casinos

The internet has completely changed the world, including how people play in casinos. The huge brick-and-mortar houses have been folded and fitted into devices as small as mobile phones. Consequently, more people are now able to play casino games online.

That said, some games appear to be generally more popular among online casino players. Casinos tend to give them particular attention, and their revenue numbers are telling. Here are a few.


Slots are by far the most popular casino games. You will find that in an online casino with around 1200 titles on its catalogue, around a thousand of those are slot games. This is due to the ease of playing online slots. They are games of pure chance, and even first-time players have an equal chance of winning. Moreover, the inclusion of exciting themes attracts players to the titles they relate to. Starburst ranks among the most popular slot titles.


Roulette is another game of chance where experience does not matter. The availability of many inside and outside bets makes it attractive as it offers punters a lot of outcomes to bet on.


For those who love card games but are not so much into strategy, this has proven to be an interesting title to bet on. It has several variations too. Some experienced gamblers also love it because of the small advantage that the house holds. The speed of each round is also something attractive.


Poker is arguably the most famous card game played for money. It requires a strategy to play, and people who love cards always troop to online casinos for the game. It has become even better with the advent of live casino dealing where punters can have a virtual interaction similar to visiting the casino physically.